Frequently Asked Questions about Email

A. Weekly emails are sent as early as Monday or as late as Wednesday before the Friday meeting. Reminder: we do not meet the months of June, July, August and December.

Our software, Benchmarkemail, provides us the number sent and other statistics. We count each email address that appears on the current Senior Scholar 'directory', adjusting the count by removing duplicates and those who have chosen to unsubscribe to determine how many emails should be sent. To this count we add the number of people who have used "Join our weekly email" option and on neither the current 'directory' nor the unsubscribe 'directory.' We reconcile the counts with the number sent to insure accuracy.

A. The Senior Scholars email list is neither shared nor sold nor used for any reason other than those consistent with Senior Scholars at Queens email broadcasts. Senior Scholars reserves the right to eliminate entries as desired.

A. Once the form is completed, an email is generated by our software vendor, Benchmarkemail, using the newly entered email address. An affirmative response to the new email is needed to continue the join process. A confirmation of success email will be sent when your email address is added.

Be proactive by adding our email vendor to a "whitelist" on your system to ensure that emails are not rejected. Click to see Whitelisting for instructions.

A. To unsubscribe, simply select and complete the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the weekly email

A. Email from the email address used that is unsubscribed:

To: ""
Subject: "Please remove me from the Master Unsubscribe List for seniorscholarsnc"
Text: Your assistance is appreciated.

Whitelisting is the way to ensure that our emails are not blocked. When the email is sent it normally goes to the member's inbox, however the email reader or spam software on the receiving computer could either place the message in the "SPAM", "JUNK", etc. or simply reject the message. Look through the "ALL", "SPAM" or "JUNK" directory to find the email. To fix the problem so it does not occur again follow these instructions, depending on your software.

Get help whitelisting the Senior Scholars emails