Thank you so much for joining our group. Our purpose as stated in our Constitution and Bylaws is to develop, provide and sponsor stimulating, educational and topical programs for the membership.

Our group began in 1973 as a cooperative effort of the Charlotte Chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), colleges and universities of the Charlotte Area Educational Consortium, the Community Health Association, and the Senior Forum. It is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is totally run by our members on a volunteer basis.

Our organization offers varied levels of involvement to our Members. If you desire a higher level of involvement, the committee details page notes where we have a need for new members.

Feel free to contact the Chair of any of the following to gain further information regarding how you could become involved, including time commitments and any desired specialized skills. Contact information may be found in our current Membership Directory (directories are available at the Membership Desk).

Remember to bring your membership card to each meeting. You will be required to show it to gain access to any meeting.

We ask that you wear your membership name badge as a way to meet and introduce yourself to other members.

Individuals needing special assistance (ADA, allergies, etc.) should notify Senior Scholars. An email is recommended. Our e-mail address is info@seniorscholars.net

Membership Dues & Directory

The membership year is January to December.

Renewing members pay dues of $20 each per year.

New members pay $30 each for the first year. This includes $10 for your name tag.

Payment for 2020 dues began October 2019.

Members who have paid between October and mid February will be included in the next Member Directory.

When ready to pay, print, and complete the Membership Form. Cash should be brought to the membership desk prior to a meeting. Payment by check: your check should be made out to Senior Scholars.

Mail the completed form and your check to:

Senior Scholars at Queens
1900 Selwyn Avenue, MSC 1409
Charlotte, NC 28274